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Point Lookout is a small hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) in Hempstead in Nassau County, New York. The unincorporated hamlet had a population of 1,026, according to a 2019 census. 

Point Lookout is a primarily residential community with small businesses on Lido Boulevard. Among these businesses is the rising KitchenAid appliance repair service in Point Lookout. Today, the CDP has become a popular summer residence.

The first known inhabitants of the Point Lookout area were the Merrick Native Americans. The first non-native settlers were the Dutch, who arrived in the 1640s, followed by the English in the 1660s.

The barrier beach where Point Lookout sits has existed for thousands of years. The area's first mention started in the mid-19th century as a dangerous spot for ships and a primary location for whalers.

In 1872, a US Life Saving Station was established in Point Lookout due to the tragic wreckage of the USS. Mexico on January 2, 1837. The life-saving service remained in the area until farmers grew salt hay on the marshes that encompassed the site.

Hotels and seasonal bungalows were eventually built, along with a seasonal railroad connecting the CDP to Long Beach. However, these structures were either destroyed by fire or winter storms.

Freeport's Woodcleft Canal ferries brought hundreds of tourists to Point Lookout's beaches during the summer months. The barrier island was a paradise for people residing in the CDP and the small community of Nassau By the Sea to the east.

Senator William Reynolds led a consortium in 1906 that purchased the entire barrier island. In 1918, a fire nearly wiped out the community of Nassau By the Sea. 

Senator Reynolds established Point Lookout Inc., dividing the community into small plots sold to families for $2,500, giving rise to the Point Lookout community. The bungalows that have not burned in Nassau By the Sea were moved to Point Lookout, which can still be seen around the CDP today.

With the CDP continuously developing, it is not surprising to see modern and high-tech home appliances in many of the homes in the CDP, attracting appliance repair companies left and right. Among these appliance repair companies is KitchenAid Repairs.

We have established our exceptional repair services in Point Lookout for years, earning us the reputation for being the top go-to for all appliance repair needs. We provide our services within the 11569 zip code. Our local technicians know the area like the palm of their hands so that you can expect prompt and efficient repairs every time.

We also offer our services outside Point Lookout. So, homeowners who need our services can avail themselves of our KitchenAid appliance repair in Wantagh and other areas. Our appliance experts are always happy to bring quality repair services to your home wherever you are.

So for all your appliance problems, don't hesitate to book our services anytime. We offer complete and extensive repairs for all your KitchenAid appliances, no matter the problem. You can conveniently book our repair services through our online contact form. You have the power to choose the repair schedule that best fits your preferences.

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Top-tier services. We provide high-quality repairs by world-class technicians using the latest appliance repair tools and techniques.

Expert technicians. Our appliance repair professionals are factory-trained and authorized, receiving specialized training from KitchenAid manufacturers. Our professionals have years of service and experience in appliance repair under their belts, ensuring competence and reliability.

Genuine parts. We use only genuine OEM components when parts need to be replaced. Using manufacturer-supplied components ensures compatibility and prevents problems from recurring.

Convenient online booking system. You can book our services anytime via our online booking system. You no longer have to leave Point Lookout to get your appliances serviced by a professional because we offer convenient in-home repairs you can rely on.

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Your kitchen has the most number of appliances in your home. It is where you'll find your KitchenAid refrigerator, cooktop, range, wall oven, and microwave. With a sheer number of appliances in one area, it is no surprise that your kitchen poses many opportunities for appliance failure. KitchenAid Repairs is here to guide and help you with your appliance repair needs. From refrigerators to cooking appliances, our seasoned appliance technicians have got you covered. We provide complete repairs for all types and models of KitchenAid appliances, offered at affordable upfront pricing. Don't hesitate to book our KitchenAid repair services anytime you need us.
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Enjoy expertly executed repairs for your cooking appliances with our KitchenAid cooktop repair in Point Lookout.
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Exceptional appliance repair is now available at your fingertips with our KitchenAid range repair in Point Lookout.
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Experience next-level appliance repair with our top-quality KitchenAid microwave repair in Point Lookout.

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