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Malverne is a small village in the town of Hempstead in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. According to the 2020 census of the community, it had a total population of 8,516. Malverne covers approximately 1.0 square miles of land.

The original settlers of the area of what is now Malverne were the Rockaway Indians. The current Ocean Avenue served as an Indian path. Western settlements can be traced back to the 1700s when the Bedell, Abrams, and Pearsall families settled and farmed the area.

The community was originally known as Norwood. It formed a movement to incorporate as a village in the early 1920s. The area consisted of the communities of Malverne Park and North Lynbrook. 

It is believed that residents of what is now Malverne Park requested not to be included in the incorporation. At the same time, North Lynbrook was removed from the borders by then Lieutenant Governor of New York Jeremiah Wood, who lived in the area and did not wish to be in an incorporated village.

A vote was taken, and an overwhelming majority of the voters decided to form an incorporated village. The spelling of the name was originally spelled "Malvern," but when the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) started service to the village, they spelled the name "Malverne."

Although an attempt to fix the error was made, the village changed the name to "Malverne," as many people thought the name was spelled with the "e."

The original name was changed from Norwood to Malverne because there is already an existing Village of Norwood in upstate New York. The name originates from Malvern, England.

On April 13, 1921, Malverne's incorporation was finalized. However, even before its incorporation, it acted as a village since October 1920.

Malverne was originally made up of different communities. The communities were made up of the original farmer of that area and the people he sold his land to.

The village's growth is accredited to major events, including selling farmland for development and establishing the Long Island Rail Road. Today, there are over 3000 homes in Malverne, with the Amsterdam Development Corporation responsible for building many homes.

Today, many of the village's residents commute to New York City via the LIRR stations: Malverne and Westwood. After about three years of hiatus, LIRR restored weekend train service in November 2014.

With further development, Malverne has become an urban community that is primarily residential. Small businesses thrive within the community, including appliance repair, providing homeowners with a reliable KitchenAid appliance repair service in Malverne.

KitchenAid Repairs is among the first repair companies established in the village that has since been in service for years. With our years of experience in the industry, we have gained a reputation for excellence and quality appliance repair. We provide our services within the 11565 zip code, ensuring homeowners have a choice when their appliances break down and fail.

You can conveniently book our superior repair services via our online contact form. You can also choose a repair schedule according to your preferences. So the next time you need to have your kitchen appliances serviced, you can count on KitchenAid Repairs. You can also avail yourself of our KitchenAid appliance repair in Bethpage.

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KitchenAid Repairs has been serving Malverne and other areas in New York for years. We have been the top go-to for quality and affordable appliance repairs for many homeowners. We guarantee fast, effective, and hassle-free repair services wherever you are in Malverne and nearby areas. You can rest assured that our appliance experts are some of the most trusted technicians in the business. They undergo extensive factory training before they are qualified to perform repairs on your KitchenAid appliances, ensuring you get only the best results. Conveniently book our services online and choose a repair schedule from our flexible repair schemes.

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KitchenAid Repairs is a locally run business established in Malverne to provide exceptional repair services without breaking the bank. We are factory-authorized to repair all major KitchenAid appliances, including cooktops, refrigerators, wall ovens, ranges, and microwaves. Our experienced repair technicians are dispatched daily to repair home appliances across the Malverne community. So the next time your appliances act up, feel free to contact our experts anytime so that we can deal with all your appliance problems. You'll never look for another appliance repair company again when you experience our premium-quality repair services. So what are you waiting for? Don't hesitate to book our KitchenAid repair services on-demand.
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