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You May Avail Our KitchenAid Appliance Repair Service in Franklin Square

KitchenAid Appliance Repair Service Franklin Square | KitchenAid Repairs

You may avail our KitchenAid appliance repair service in Franklin Square right now to aid you with your repair problems!

Franklin Square, with a zip code of 11010, is a hamlet in Nassau County, New York, and a census-designated place (CDP). In the Town of Hempstead, the hamlet is an unorganized area. The 2010 census revealed a population of 29,320 people. Trimming Square and later Washington Square were the initial names for the area.

The first white immigrants used what is now Franklin Square as grazing pasture and then farmland. The southern half of the Hempstead Plains featured oak and dogwood trees. Robert Fordham and John Carman signed a pact with representatives of the Massapequak, Mericoke, Matinecock, and Rockaway tribes in late 1643 to purchase around 100 square miles of land on which they planned to establish a new settlement. They bought this land, which included much of what is today Hempstead and North Hempstead.

George Washington visited the town in 1790 while traveling on Long Island. Walt Whitman spent three months as the schoolmaster of the Trimming Square school district in the spring of 1840, in the area where Franklin Square, Garden City South, and West Hempstead join. He wrote in his diary that the area was "totally treeless except for a few scraggly fruit trees." In 1852, Louis Schroeher erected a hotel near a tollgate on the Hempstead-Jamaica Turnpike (by what is now Arden Boulevard) (toll road). The hotel drew a growing number of visitors and immigrants (many of whom were German) from New York City to the formerly rural town.

Trimming Square was the original name for the area, according to legend, because farms once dominated the landscape (as they did throughout the Hempstead Plains) and because many sheep were brought to the area by local farmers for separation in the late 1800s.

There is a history society and an active Chamber of Commerce. Garden City South Community League, Inc. The Franklin Square Civic Association, which serves the entire Franklin Square School District #17, was founded in 1929. Garden City South Community League, Inc. It is a direct line of communication between residents and merchants, as well as the state and local governments and other organizations. It is their honor to work on behalf of the people in order to protect and preserve the district's quality of life. The Franklin Square Civic Association was founded in 2016 by a group of local residents with the goal of maintaining and improving the community's quality of life. Several events are sponsored by the group in order to bring the community together.

There were 10,187 households, 31.4 percent of which had children under the age of 18, 62.9 percent of which were married couples, 10.4 percent of which had a female householder without a husband present, and 23.1 percent of which were non-families. Individuals made up 19.9% of all households, with 11.3 percent having someone living alone who was 65 years or older. The average family size was 3.30, and the average household size was 2.87.

Furthermore, the local economy has evolved through time, and many inhabitants' schedules have become more demanding. As a result, many families in this area have home equipment to assist them with household tasks, and many people buy KitchenAid appliances since they are high-quality machines. If your KitchenAid appliance needs to be fixed, our KitchenAid appliance repair service in Franklin Square is always available to assist.

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Because we provide the most effective services, we are the finest choice for your KitchenAid repair needs. We also have a lengthy history of assisting Franklin Square KitchenAid owners with their units, solidifying our position as the most sought-after KitchenAid repair service provider for all KitchenAid repair needs. If you have a broken KitchenAid appliance at home, give us a call and we'll see what we can do!

Our KitchenAid repair services caters to the following KitchenAid appliances:

  • Cooktops
  • Refrigerators
  • Wall Ovens
  • Ranges
  • Microwaves

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Kitchenaid Cooktop Repair | Kitchenaid Repairs

KitchenAid Cooktop Repair Franklin Square

Our KitchenAid cooktop repair in Franklin Square ensures that your KitchenAid cooktop will be heating up properly again!
Kitchenaid Refrigerator Repair | Kitchenaid Repairs

KitchenAid Refrigerator Repair Franklin Square

Our KitchenAid refrigerator repair in Franklin Square assures you that your KitchenAid refrigerator is going to cool once more!
KitchenAid Wall Oven Repair | KitchenAid Repairs

KitchenAid Wall Oven Repair Franklin Square

Our KitchenAid wall oven repair in Franklin Square makes sure that your KitchenAid wall oven is going to function properly again!
Kitchenaid Range Repair | Kitchenaid Repairs

KitchenAid Range Repair Franklin Square

Our KitchenAid range repair in Franklin Square has the most efficient repairs for KitchenAid ranges!
KitchenAid Microwave Repair | KitchenAid Repairs

KitchenAid Microwave Repair Franklin Square

Our KitchenAid microwave repair in Franklin Square gives its all in fixing KitchenAid microwaves!

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