Easy Ways To Fix Your Oven’s Clock That’s Not Working

April 7, 2022

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Did you recently notice your oven’s clock not working properly? We get that you also rely on your oven’s clock, especially when you are in a hurry in the morning. So, when your oven’s clock is not functioning the right way, get a professional Wall Oven Repair from KitchenAid Repairs in Chicago.

Before calling KitchenAid Repairs in Chicago, it’s better to know the problem and how you can fix it. When you don’t have the luxury of getting a repair, you can handle the situation by yourself. So, learn why your oven’s clock is not working ang how you can easily repair it.

First, you need to identify whether the clock is the only one not working or if the whole oven is not functioning. If it’s the whole oven, then there’s a bigger and more complicated problem you need to tackle. Sometimes, you’ll need a professional technician to do the job. If only the clock is not working, you can proceed to do the next steps.

If you can’t find your user manual, you can do the following to reset your oven’s clock:

1. Find the buttons that control your oven’s time.

Below the time, you’ll see that there are buttons that control the time. There are the right, left, and function buttons. These are the ones you’ll need to set the proper time.

2. Press the function button. 

To change the time, press the function button. It will automatically let you change the time using the left and right buttons.

3. Press the buttons to move between the hour and the minute time. 

Press the left and right buttons to change from the hour and minute options. Then, input the time.

4. Press the function button to lock the time.

Once the time is set, press the function button again to lock the time.

These easy steps will help you quickly reset your time. But, if you can’t set your clock this way, there is an unseen issue within your oven. This instance is when to get help from KitchenAid Repairs to figure out the problem and act on it accordingly.

Why You Need A KitchenAid Microwave Oven Combo Today

A microwave oven combo saves plenty of kitchen space. This appliance is considered a luxury item, but it fits perfectly in any kitchen. So, you can prepare more home-cooked meals at the same time. Therefore, investing in a microwave oven combo is a good choice.  Here are some of KitchenAid’s microwave oven combo features:

  • Quick Pre-heating time.

You won’t need to wait for 30 minutes to an hour to preheat your oven. The microwave oven combo has a quicker pre-heating time. Therefore, you can serve your food right in time.

  • Microwave sensors to adjust temperatures.

Forget about checking on your food to ensure it’s not overcooked, for there are microwave sensors that detect if the temperature needs to be adjusted to prevent overcooked, undercooked, or burnt food.

  • Convection converter to help save energy.

If you’re worried that using an electric oven or microwave can greatly affect your electrical bill, worry no more! The microwave oven combo comes with a convection converter that is energy efficient. Your electrical bill won’t get affected, and you can enjoy your appliance every day.

  • Self-clean and steam-clean options.

Don’t have enough time to thoroughly clean your oven? Then, use the self-clean and steam-clean options to clean your oven. Once the self-clean and steam-clean cycle is done, you’ll only need to do minimal work to finalize the cleaning.

  • A timer that turns off the whole unit.

You can set the timer to turn off the oven after cooking. You can focus more on other things than waiting for food to cook and turning off the oven manually. Even if you leave food in the oven for a while, you’ll still have a perfectly cooked meal waiting for you.

  • Buttons for quick time addition.

If you need to add more time to cook your food, you can just press a button once, and it’ll add 30 seconds more. You can do this until you are satisfied with your food. You won’t have to set up the time again, which can also be time-consuming on your part.

  • Available Sabbath mode.

The Sabbath mode lets your food stay warm in the oven without cooking it more. Therefore, when you are ready to serve the food, you will be serving perfectly cooked and fresh oven food, even when it has been there for a long time.

  • Hidden bake element.

It can be hard cleaning around the bake element, so the microwave oven combo’s bake element is concealed under a porcelain cover, ensuring it won’t get wet yet can still heat the oven even if it’s covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your microwave oven combo now! To maximize your unit’s efficiency, ensure that it is properly maintained and any damage or malfunction is quickly addressed.

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